We be playin a halloween show as... you guessed it... The Misfits! On Friday, October 23, stop on by at Ole Tyme Charley's to see us plow through a set chock full of death puns, and more! Plus, we're playing with Against the Grain who will be playing all Bad Religion jamz. Coincidence? You decide!

Holy Crap!

The NonRefundables are playing a show! In person! That's right, we're gonna be playing on Sept 14th at Ole Tyme Charley's in Plains, joined by some of our favorites - Hub City Stompers & Disposable! So mark all of your calendars and call off of work, cause this stuff only happens once in a... anything.

Hi all yous

We built a new website, and here it is! We thought we'd go back to the 'circa 2005' layout, with upcoming shows permanently stuck to your right column, except with a 2011 flair - social media widgets! Now you can easily view our latest auto-generated post about that show we played 5 months ago! So go click around and see what ya see! Clicks ahoy!

Booking Shows

So we're in the process of booking some shows for the next few months. As usual, we took the entire summer off. You know, like all working bands do, since the weather is so... wait, oh. So there's two so far - one in August at a yet to be determined location in the Pottsville area, and another in mid-September somewhere else. Both will be with a bunch of other bands. Se ya soon, and don't play with fireworks!

Creed Thoughts

The problem with writing new music is that you have to write it down, otherwise you forget how to play it. Dammit.

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